Berrima Public School – Grillex Competition

Design an outdoor learning space for your school to WIN!

Berrima Public School

How would you create an outdoor learning space at your school with Grillex products?

At Berrima Public School, outdoor learning is highly admired and valued. We understand the worth of learning outside the classroom and anticipate the imaginative play. With your help from Grillex we can make the unimaginable happen and help make a new future arise. Your products could start a new vision on education and enhance new beginnings. We believe that we have created a thorough plan for the outdoor learning space that involves most of your products for example: street style seating would be perfect for creating a calm atmosphere around the fire pit and your round table settings will provide optimal seating for learning outdoors. As additions we envision multiple swings, a climbing frame and much, much more that will enhance and develop students social, physical and emotional learning. We have invested many hours in planning, designing and are beginning to construct our outdoor learning space and would love to have the privileged to work with Grillex into the near future! 

Charlotte C- Year 6 2020

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